It's Girl Scout Cookie time again!  This year the Girl Scout's will be trying out new packaging on some of their cookies with the hopes that consumers will be receptive to it.  If they are, the Girl Scouts will roll out the new packaging to all the cookies next year.  Part of the story from

This year, there is a new flavor and a packaging surprise from the Fort Worth-based Texas Oklahoma Plains Council.

Scout Emily Treacy had all the details memorized on the latest addition.

"The new cookie is the Shout Out," she said. "It tastes more like a British cookie that you'd have with your tea or coffee."

Think shortbread meets gingerbread. We're sold.

The council also has another change this year. Thanks-a-Lot cookies have eco-friendly packaging.

Kathleen Copeland, the editor-in-chief for the Texas Oklahoma Plains Council, said the new look means less waste for landfills. It also takes up less room on the trucks, so it's a fuel saver.

The Girl Scouts hope to expand the packaging next year if the experiment works well.

Yummy deliciousness aside, the cookie sale isn't just a fundraiser. This year, the scouts will learn lessons about the environment, salesmanship and change.

"Even a 5-year-old Daisy Scout can make a difference in this world," Copeland said.

(Just don't change the Thin Mints, please.)