Sometimes we wish we had more interesting license plates than the standard government issued ones. Customized vanity plates seem much more interesting than just some random letters and numbers.

But then we get to thinking, and it seems impossible to choose one or a few words to fit on that small plate. How could we possibly condense ourselves to one word? How could we possibly represent ourselves for all the roads to see in such a small space?

These cars seem to have rectified their inner struggle and chosen these awesomely weird plates. We’re not quite sure what the plate “Yea Uhuh” tells us about the driver, but it must be very important, perhaps symbolic of the driver’s personality to always casually agree. We assume the plate “seductn” is short for seduction, an interesting character trait to broadcast, though perhaps not any stranger than “idiot.”

Take a look below at the weird, funny, interesting license plates we found and try not to laugh too hard at the last one.