This weekend it's going to be cold and it's going to be Christmas. It's a great time of the year. And, compared to how we were feeling the past few years, it does look as if this year's holiday season will be a lot more approachable in person for most people. 

Now, at our house we have traditions. They don't make a lot of sense even to us but by gosh they are important to the way the holiday season unfolds at my house. 

dougvarner via YouTube
dougvarner via YouTube

For example, each year we will plan our daily lives around a 30-minute cartoon, Claymation, or musical special that takes us back to a time when there were no pandemics, political strife, or social media hatred. For those brief few moments, we can be a resident of the mythical place called Toyland Once you pass its borders you can ne'er return again. 

Many of these holiday specials do not follow the political correctness template of these present-day times. In fact, some of them are so old-fashioned in their innocent presentations that it just might require explaining to some of today’s kids exactly what was going on.

I mean, who in 2022 could sit by while a group of reindeer, including a reindeer coach, make fun of a deer with what amounts to a birth defect? 

Burl Ives A Holly Jolly Christmas

Nowhere in 2022 would it be okay to make fun of a boy who can't speak or a dog that has a bit of an anxiety problem. No, these specials were created when America had compassion for those who needed to find their own way.

Despite the fact that once upon a time we were not as in touch with our touchy-feely side back then, the messages sent forth by most of these holiday specials still play well in this decade and the feelings of warmth and kindness still add to the joy of the holiday season.  

So, here they are in no particular order, 

10 Old School Christmas Specials That Hit You in the Feels

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