Look, Texas isn't for everyone. And East Texas is even more so not for everyone. The way I see it, we should all live somewhere we absolutely love because there are literally thousands and thousands of cities to choose from. So before you or someone you know decides to head toward the East Texas Piney Woods, show 'em this list so they know what they're in for.


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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Pine Trees. Lots of Pine Trees.

    We have some beautiful forestry in East Texas - something a lot of people outside of Texas don't really know about. So if you're an outdoorsy kinda person, you might love it. If you're allergic to pine pollen or any of other stuff blowing around these parts, better head west or load up on Benadryl.

  • Jason Eisenberg | TSM
    Jason Eisenberg | TSM

    Food Choices...

    Some people say you can never have too much of a good thing. But really, Tyler has way too many restaurants. I mean, we even created a spin the wheel to help make restaurant choices easier! Obviously if you are a dining adventurer, you'll be just fine but if making decisions isn't on your plate, Tyler could be very stressful come 6 p.m.

  • Rob Graham, ETSN.fm
    Rob Graham, ETSN.fm

    Is There Anything Else Other Than Football!?

    Texas is a football-heavy state and East Texas seems to be even more devoted to the high school sport that breeds some amazing young, local talent. We even have full coverage for football (and all of the other sports, don't worry!) on the East Texas Sports Network. You don't like football? Cool, move to New York or something.

  • Jason Eisenberg | TSM
    Jason Eisenberg | TSM

    Too Many Pretty Things

    Y'all might get a little distracted when you're walking down historic brick roads or the Azalea Residential Historic District. We've already established the potential for allergies, but what do blooming flowers also encourage?

    Bees! Bugs! Spiders! Basically, if you're a scaredy cat, definitely stay away from the foliage/forests in East Texas.

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    Getty Images

    Annoying Weekend Warriors, Am I Right?

    The thing about Tyler and the immediate surrounding region is that it is nestled quite nicely between some great cities for weekend adventures. Dallas, Shreveport and Houston aren't too bad of a drive away.


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    Too Many Outdoor Activities

    There are 25 parks within the Tyler city limit and we have our own state park as well. Not to mention our outdoorsy culture with organizations like Racquet & Jog (everyone has at least one shirt) and Tyler's Rugby Club - The Hoplites.

    And don't even get me started on our Tyler, Texas Rocks group that is designed for outdoor adventure!

    You want to stay indoors and not feel bad? Move somewhere less active.

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    You Might Do Well Financially

    The city of Tyler is on the up and up when it comes to local economy. According to studies from Livability, Tyler has a pretty low unemployment rate, affordable living and low taxes compared to other parts of the country and state.

    In fact, Perryman Group - reported by KLTV - says Tyler can expect an increase of $2.6 billion and 12,000 jobs over the next five years.

    So if you DON'T want to put your big boy/girl pants on and start a life for yourself, Tyler ain't for you.

  • Jason Eisenberg | TSM
    Jason Eisenberg | TSM

    An Emerging Social Scene

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    Outsiders Ask Why Tyler is Rose City...

    Please don't ask me questions that have painfully obvious answers. We have the Rose Festival, the Rose Garden, the Azalea District and are considered to be the Rose Capital of the World. Any other questions?

  • Lucky Larry
    Lucky Larry

    You'll Get Too Close to Exotic Animals

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