You always want your birthdays to be memorable and in this case Jaidyn Thames will always remember his 10th birthday!

Jaidyn's day ended with a huge party at Kidsview Park in Longview, but it's not the ending of his birthday that was so memorable when he turned double digits, it's how it all began. His birthday morning started with a bang on the front door from a police battering ram that knocked it to the floor. In an interview with KLTV's Jamey Boyum, Jaidyn said,

That kind of scared me whenever they ran into my room. I started shaking and shivering. All you saw was the flashlights shining in your eyes."

The police and sheriff's office had raided the home because of a wanted man on the premises. After his arrest Jaidyn was watching the police secure the door as he was getting ready to enjoy the rest of his birthday day and his big party at Kidsview Park later that afternoon.

Jamye Boyum reports while celebrating his birthday at Kidsview Park, Jaidyn's party interrupted by more police action. This time though they brought cake and gifts to help him celebrate his 10th birthday! This will be one birthday worth remembering!

We're glad to hear that his birthday turned out the way it did and hope he grows up and fulfills his dream of being a police officer or a member of a SWAT team!

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