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For the most part, East Texans have access to pretty much anything they want and anything they desire at any time of the day. But with all this access to what we have now, WE WANT MORE! More entertainment. More shopping. More restaurants. We want new concepts and excitement to come to town.

The East Texas restaurant and retail sector continues to grow. Look around north Longview, Texas, south Tyler, I-20 in Lindale, Jackson St. in Jacksonville and you'll see all kinds of new businesses, new buildings, and new shopping centers being built. You would think East Texans would have everything, but apparently, we don't and we want more.

Many of us are looking for exciting entertainment to come to town while others are looking for national chains to drop anchor. Both Tyler and Longview get jealous of each other when a brand only opens up a location in one city. For instance, Tyler was upset that Red Robin and Bubba's 33 didn't initially open a location in Tyler. Longview was just as jealous of BJ's Brewhouse and Panera Bread opening in Tyler, but in the end, they all opened locations in the other town, except for the case of Red Robin who closed their Longview location.

A recent posting in a social media group asked the question:

What kind of business does Tyler need that we do not have? Share your opinions and let me know. Tyler is ever growing but we don’t have everything possible yet.

As you can imagine the WANTS are being vocalized. A grocery store chain was mentioned, along with several entertainment options, shopping, restaurants, health facilities, and a way to possibly make your money grow if you want to take some chances! In order for some of these places to look at Tyler and East Texas, our population will have to grow significantly in order to sustain the business. Until that happens, we can keep dreaming that someday one or all of these places will open up in Tyler.

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