If you're looking for a piece of real estate in Texas that will give you privacy and still have all the modern amenities, there is one place in Marshall, Texas that you need to see. It's beautiful, and when you see the pictures, I know you'll love all the privacy. The address for this place is 5249 Rosborough Springs Rd, Marshall, TX 75672. 

Home on 25-Acres in Marshall, Texas

When looking at the real estate listing this home has 4 bedrooms, 4 and 1/2 bathrooms, it's 4,888 square feet on 25.6 acres of land in gorgeous East Texas. This property is located about 2 hours from the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, it's 30 minutes to Longview and 40 minutes to Shreveport. East access to Interstate-20 but not close enough to where you would hear any of the traffic. 

The Property is Beautiful and Has Tons of Space 

The home is stunning inside and out, and the pool and spa out back are perfect for relaxing. It's also great if you have friends or family that want to come over and spend time with you. There is lots of room for kids to play and other places for adults to relax and chat without the kids making lots of noise. 

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Let's Look at Pictures of This Amazing Property in Marshall, Texas 

This property is currently listed for $1,190,000. But as you will see in the pictures, the large piece of property is worth the price. Remember after you sign the deal for this place I want an invite to the housewarming party. 

Gorgeous Home on 25-Acres For Sale in Marshall, Texas

This beautiful property is currently listed for $1,190,000.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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