The FIFA World Cup is here! And although soccer is not the most popular sport but here are a few reasons to tune into the world’s favorite sporting tournament.1. Very best soccer you’ll see

As stated before, I know soccer isn’t that popular, especially in a state where the real football reins king. That being said if there is any soccer to watch it would be this tournament. Only the best of the best are out there playing, and each of them are playing for national pride.

2. Learn about cultures

Aside from America there are 31 other countries playing for the championship. As you watch the different countries play they will usually give you an insight into the cultures of these different places and it is always interesting to learn about the different cultures around the world. If you don’t watch for the amzing level of soccer, watch for the education factor.

3. America

Most importantly watch to support your country. Soccer may not be our best sport, but America is certainly the best country around and we have to show support for our boys representing the stars and stripes! Do your duty and show why America is the greatest!


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