The MLS has one of the biggest names in soccer playing in their league. Here is your chance to see him in North Texas, but be prepared to pay up.

Lionel Messi Now Plays in America

I won't pretend like enjoy soccer, but I would be lying if I didn't know who Lionel Messi is. Either number one or number two most famous soccer player in the world. He's currently signed to Inter Miami FC for at least 50 million dollars (which is more than the entire roster for certain teams in the MLS). Big names, get big bucks. However, when those big names come to your city, you want to see them.

Inter Miami FC VS FC Dallas This Sunday

Lionel Messi's first road game of the season will be taking place this Sunday in Dallas and FC Dallas is banking on Messi's popularity. Tickets went on sale this morning and I can't even get in because they're so popular. I kid you not, I have been just trying to see what they're going for and it's been loading for 45 minutes. Here is where things will get interesting.

Tickets for This Sunday's Game

According to WFAA in Dallas, tickets start at $199. Are you f***ing kidding me? For the worst seats in the stadium, the starting price is $199?! Price points are currently set at $249, $399 and $499. 80% of the stadium is being sold in the $199 and $249 price range. For a game coming up later this month against FC Austin in Dallas, I can get those for $38.

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Don't get me wrong, I get that people reselling tickets can ask for more money. The team starting their tickets at $199 is just insane to me. Best of luck to anybody going to the game on Sunday, sounds like it's going to be packed.

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