The adjustment from high school to college can be a bit intimidating, but that doesn't mean that it should be. To help make the transition a little more seamless, check out these tips:


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    Get Involved

    The best way to get in the swing of college is to definitely get involved. It will help you make friends, network with a lot of people and find new interests. The more involved you are, the busier you will be, and that means you'll be an active college student! Find an organization that is something you love, and you'll be happy there!
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    Be Nice

    While this rule should stand true all the time, it's especially important for incoming college freshmen. If you're nice to everyone you meet, you'll find that you'll make friends very quickly and network very easily. It's so important to have friends in college, especially in different clubs, organizations and majors. Just be nice, I promise it'll pay off.
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    It's pretty common for college students to be on a strict budget, but that doesn't mean that the student needs to give up everything they may be used to. The best way to accomplish that is to find bargains where you can: when there is free food, take it; when there are coupons available, use them. Colleges and universities are really great about providing deals for students, they just need to be willing to find them!