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The faces of these East Texas children are reason enough and should encourage you to give to the Children's Miracle Network.

We are standing by right now waiting on your call to 903.534.8779. However, if you need more compelling reasons why it's rewarding to support Children's Miracle Network, here you go:

Every dollar raised stays right here in East Texas.

Your donation does not go off to some other hospital, foundation or charity. It stays right here in East Texas to purchase life-saving equipment for children of East Texas that require the services of CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler or one of the many CHRISTUS Trinity Clinics throughout East Texas.

You know someone who has benefitted from previous CMN purchases.

Whether someone received a bike helmet from a bicycle course in Winnsboro to a kid who has had to be transported by ambulance to an emergency facility, to a family that has a child with special needs, to a mom who had to deliver her baby straight to the NICU, you know someone who CMN and its blessings have touched.

No child is turned away.

If your child becomes sick or injured, they can receive treatment from Mother Frances Hospital because of their relationship with the Children's Miracle Network.

Your children benefit from the Children's Miracle Network too.

Think of it this way, by supporting the Children's Miracle Network, you're buying into an insurance policy. Injuries and illnesses know no economic boundaries and they definitely don't look at a calendar either. It's amazing to know that if you ever need the services of CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital or the clinics, the equipment and training are in place so that your child or even children receive premium care.

The faces in our photo gallery are below.

The following are the faces of the Children's Miracle Network Miracle Children who have definitely been touched by your generosity along with thousands of other East Texas children.

Make that commitment now for the above reasons by calling 903.531.5437 or by texting MIX931 to 51555 or donating online and getting your own special 25th-anniversary t-shirt.

You believe in the Children's Miracle Network and want to help out children.

The East Texas Faces Of The Children's Miracle Network

Thanks to your support of the Children's Miracle Network, your dollars have been put to great use and have helped these East Texas families.

Your Support Of CMN Helps Purchase Equipment Like This

By supporting the Mix With Kids Children's Miracle Network Radiothon, your dollars are being put to great use to purchase items like this to help children throughout the entire hospital system and not just CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital, but the clinics and ambulance services too

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