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Miracle children are born at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital each and every day. Some of those born will never need the emergency services of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) while others will. Some of them will transition on and lead normal healthy lives, while others may need some extra help along the way.

Corbin Robinson is one of those children that was born at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler that needed some help during his first month of life. Thanks to your support of the Children's Miracle Network, Corbin received the immediate urgent care that he needed. Thankfully what he needed to thrive and survive in the NICU was already here and waiting to be used.

This is Corbin Robinson's story of how he became the 2022 CMN Miracle Child.

Dania and Craig Robinson got together later in life so they expected to spend their time together, just the two of them. The couple quickly learned there were other plans in store for their family. At 44 years old, Dania found out she was pregnant with a precious baby boy. Having two grown sons, Dania was familiar with parenthood, but it had been over 20 years since she changed her last diaper! Still, Dania and Craig were overjoyed at the thought of a baby completing their new family.

Everything about Dania’s pregnancy and even delivery went according to plan. Corbin Lance Robinson was born at nearly 37 weeks gestation and weighed 7 lbs 3 oz. However, their doctor delivered an unexpected diagnosis; Corbin had Down Syndrome. The new parents immediately embraced their precious baby for exactly what he was; a miracle.

Within the first few hours of birth, Dania knew something wasn’t quite right. Due to challenges with feeding and breathing Corbin was admitted into the NICU at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler. Doctors discovered a hole in the newborn’s heart that must be monitored closely to determine if he needed surgery. Corbin also had congenital hypothyroidism, a rare condition that prevents his body from making normal amounts of thyroid hormone. Left untreated, this condition can lead to serious health conditions, affecting brain development and growth.

After 35 days, Corbin was discharged from the NICU and his parents scheduled an appointment with a pediatric endocrinologist to begin treatment to stabilize his thyroid. Although his lungs had grown stronger during his hospital stay, Corbin also remained on full-time oxygen until he was nearly nine months old. Miraculously, at his one-year-old visit, doctors determined the hole in his heart had closed on its own and Corbin would not need heart surgery.

Corbin is now a three-year-old happy, healthy kid! He recently started school where he sees a speech, physical and occupational therapist and is making tremendous strides every day. Corbin’s favorite activities include listening to music, singing and dancing, loving on his two boxer dogs, and making new friends everywhere he goes.

In his small hometown of Arp, Texas (population 901) Corbin is somewhat of a local celebrity. He inspires those around him with his joyful smile and outgoing personality. Despite his challenging start to life and unexpected diagnosis, Corbin’s family wouldn’t change a single thing. “It isn’t just about me and Dania anymore, it’s about the three of us,” said his dad, Craig. “Corbin has changed all of our lives.”

With your continued support of the Mix With Kids Children's Miracle Network Radiothon, more East Texas kids and families, like Corbin Robinson, will have access to the best medical care that is available if they should ever need it.

Corbin Robinson - Children's Miracle Network Miracle Child 2022

Corbin Robinson was born at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler at 37 weeks gestation and weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces. He had to be admitted to the NICU due to complications.

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