Getting married is a huge commitment that will change your life forever, and getting married to the wrong person can change it for the worse.  A new survey from Wallet Hub has revealed that a majority of Americans aren't willing to take that leap when it comes to bad credit.

A solid 51% of people who responded to the survey said they would absolutely not marry someone with bad credit.  By now, you know that having good (or at least moderately good) credit is the key to being able to afford a house, car, or anything that requires a loan.  More than half of these folks aren't going to let a silly thing like love get in the way of those things.

46% of those polled said they would go so far as to break up with their significant other if they spent their money foolishly.  When it comes financial infidelity (spending shared money without the consent of the other party), 53% of people in the survey said it's worse than actual cheating.

So, if you're striking out in the romance department it may not be your "game," it could be your unpaid bills.

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