How cool would it have been if our G.I. Joes could team up with our Transformers and move without us having to do it? Yeah, pretty damn cool. Technology just wasn't at that level in the late 80's. Well, here we are in 2021 and technology is now bringing our childhood dream to reality. Yes, a self transforming, self moving Optimus Prime now exists.

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Man, let me tell you, as a HUGE fan of Transformers, and a collector as well, this just makes me happy. This Optimus Prime comes from Robosen: The Robot Company. And Optimus is not there only transforming robot. They have three others, T-9 Interstellar Agent, T9E - Planetary Rover and K1 - Interstellar Scout. They all use a combination of servos and microchips that allow for self transformation and self movement.

With each, you can use an app to control each robot. Optimus' controls in particular allow you to move his arms, simulate attacking a Decepticon or walking. You can even control Optimus after you transform him into his semi truck mode.

I'm not the only one excited about this, either. It went up for pre-order and is already sold out on Hasbro Pulse. To be honest, $700 seems, at least to me, a steal for something as cool as a self transforming Optimus Prime. It will even talk with a whole set of preprogrammed phrases voiced by the original voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen.

Robosen, I would not be mad at all with you if you sent one for a review. I'd make my video, pictures, the whole enchilada for this piece of awesomeness. It would look great in my collection and I would seriously play with it constantly. So cool.

Self Transforming Optimus Prime

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