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Why does J-Si's house need safe words?

While giving out the code word for Beat The Bank this morning it lead to what kind of great name it would make for a dog, a clown or even a cat. Of course that lead to J-Si telling us about a game that he plays with his kids and a character that he created named 'Giggles' who goes around the house scaring the kids for hours. Knowing that he's scaring the kids, J-Si knows what the outcome will be when its time to go to bed and when they've had enough of the game.

Also on Google Earth, J-Si discovers a gigantic robot looking thing that is being constructed somewhere new Area 51. That then lead to a discussion on what would win if the world was invaded - robots or aliens - and they were fighting over Earth! When listening to The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show you have no idea where the topic of conversation will take you.

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