Over the last month, I have been car shopping. Not because I just want a new ride but because my sixteen year old Saturn Ion Redline finally bit the dust after many years of faithful service to me. It has been one of the best cars I have ever owned. I'm going to miss it but it's time for something new. That's where a Facebook post caught my attention over the weekend. I could own one of my favorite superheroes. Sweet!

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I have made no secret of my love of those robots in disguise known as Transformers. As you would imagine, Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, is one of my favorite characters from the 80's cartoon series. As a kid, I imagined how cool it would be to actually own a truck that looked just like Optimus Prime. Well, that could actually happen.

A gentleman by the name of Justin L. VanDerslice posted on Facebook marketplace that he has the Optimus Prime truck that was used in one of the closing scenes of the  Bumblebee movie. See the post HERE.

I would certainly try to recreate some scenes from the movie like this one:

Corrosixe via YouTube

Or just imagine I'm walking side by side taking in some of Optimus' wisdom:

Corrosixe via YouTube

The price is super affordable for the type of truck it is. It says in the post it does need some work like a new driver's side door, some fenders and the lower section of the grill. The seller estimates about $2,000 for those repairs. That number seems really low, however.

He says he does drive it everyday for about 2,500 miles per week. But, for a little over $21,000, being able to own Optimus Prime would be a treat. I have a feeling my apartment complex would have an issue with me trying to park him, though. I certainly don't have any room on my shelves.

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