Some Thieves Wait Until The Packages Arrive To Your Doorstep To Steal Them But These Folks Allegedly Decided To Beat The Deliveries To The Punch.

Wild story coming out of Texarkana as police there arrested 9 people who took advantage of a mistake by delivery drivers.

The Crime Was Allegedly Committed On September 1.

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According to a post on Facebook by the Texarkana Police Department, police were called about the theft of nine pallets of Amazon deliveries that were misdelivered by a shipping company to a business on Robison Road the night before instead of the Oaklawn Post Office.

A postal service employee told police that the packages had been stolen from the business' loading dock before arrangements could be made to get them picked up and transported to the post office.

It was later learned that the pallets had packages that contained items, with a total value of over $23,000.

Using surveillance video from the business, detectives were eventually able to identify several people who were responsible for the theft. They also determined that the suspects were all either employees of the business or their friends and family.

All of them were booked into the Bi-State Jail with arrest dates ranging from Oct. 17-19. Police have recovered 233 of the 577 stolen items so far and they report that they are still investigating the case with more arrests expected in the coming days.

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