Today and tomorrow Lucky Larry and myself are asking for your support during the 19th Annual Mix with Kids Children's Miracle Network Radiothon. During this time you may wonder where the money goes. 

Let me show you. I won't go into all of the details, but Larry and I took a short tour of the NICU and the Children's wing recently, and I was amazed at the state of the art equipment that CMN provides thanks to your support.

One thing that's really important to note is that kids don't get treated in their rooms on the children's wing. Their room is a safe place, and no needles are allowed. When it's time for a procedure, the kids visit the treatment room, which has recently been re-painted and decorated with a soothing, yet engaging, ocean scene.

Brittany Grimm, Child Life Specialist, utilizes the animals in the painting to help distract children from the often unpleasant experience that treatment can be. Brittany also helps children understand their situation and what it means for them. Whether they are experiencing an injury, an illness or in the hospital with another family member. She helps them to understand in a childlike way what is going on around them.

Her position is entirely funded by your support. Call now, don't wait, 903.531.5437.


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