If you see a shopper at Brookshire's wearing a certain color of wristband, that person is sending a post-pandemic signal that they would be cool with it if you got really excited about bananas and wanted to offer a fist bump.  Oh, trends.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I wasn't afraid to go into any store at any point during the pandemic.  I just went.  I masked up if they told me to, but the need for apples, eggs, and bacon bits always sent me right in there with no fear and with full concentration on the mission at hand.  On a few occasions, I even retrieved wayward grocery carts from the parking lot without sanitizing them and I survived. Carts should always go back to the cart return, and I will risk my own health to make sure it happens.

There's one grocery store in Wisconsin that has started offering its customers color-coded bracelets to signal that shopper's comfort level with being around people this summer.

I'd be green all the way, and that would mean I'm "comfortable with hugs and high fives."  I've never seen a hug or a high five in a grocery store, have you?  Well, unless you count the time that my daughter and I discovered the last bag of white cheddar Pop Chips way on the top shelf hidden way in the back.  When I was done mountain-climbing my way up there and returned with the bag, we high-fived, but that was the exception and not the rule.

A yellow wristband at the Metcalfe's Market store in Wisconsin signals elbow-bump only, and red is for stay far away.  The owner said he's looking out for shoppers with different comfort levels, and the bracelets are "a quick and simple way for people to communicate how far they are prepared to go with socializing."

It feels like 98 percent of Texans would be green, and because of that vibe, it would be silly to alert everyone around us to a comfort level that they beat us to.  I guess offering a high five over maple syrup would be the ultimate test, and if they leave us hanging then we'll know they're not green.

What might catch on instead, is a color-coded wristband to show who is vaccinated and who is not.  Vaxxed might be wearing green at concerts, and the un-vaxxed could be in yellow, who knows.  We're getting used to change, and apparently, we're not finished just yet.

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