Parenting in 2019 isn't easy.  With all of the regular issues that moms and dads have been dealing with since the beginning of time, now we have the morass of online interactions to worry about as well.  Just think about the amount of semi-anonymous people your kids have interacted with during on-line game play - and then there's social media.

The whole point of social media is the approval of the masses for every little aspect of your life.  Now imagine you are one of the most famous athletes in the world, you have 2 daughters, and both of them are firmly entrenched in Instagram.  That's what Alex Rodriguez' life is like.

On a recent podcast with the Chicks in the Office, the 22 year Major League Baseball veteran revealed that he has a "burner" Instagram account that he uses to snoop on his very influential and underage daughters.  A-Rod claims that this fake account is necessary because his children don't allow him to follow them.

To make this whole scenario even stranger, the 14 and 11 year old follow their dad on all of his social media accounts (that they know of) to make sure he doesn't embarrass them!

I have a few secret apps to track what my son is doing on his phone and his computer, but he isn't allowed to have a social media account of any kind.  Mostly because he isn't old enough to handle the kind of criticism that invariably comes with it, but also because I'm terrified I won't be an A-Rod level snoop.

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