Y'all. We need to talk about Kamo's Kajun Grill in Gresham just south of Tyler, Texas.

There's a good chance many of you have driven by that little red brick building nestled in the parking lot near a gas station, Bella Italian Restaurant, and right behind what is now the wonderful Big Shot Coffee House.

It's been a snow cone stand, a donut place, and who knows what other "lives" the building has led.

But NOW, IMO, it has become one of the very best places in East Texas to get a great cheeseburger.

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So what do I mean when say "great cheeseburger?"

Obviously, this is a quite subjective topic cuz everyone has their particular favorites. But when I say a "great cheeseburger," I mean absurdly juicy, fresh veggies, and double-toasted buns.

In fact, in my opinion, a burger can only reach "pretty good" status if the buns aren't double-toasted. But that's just me. (I blame my dad. ;))

Well, you'll get all of those things and more at this place.


Family-owned, Kamo's Kajun Grill came to be after Kameron "Kamo" Mitchell, along with his father Robert and brother Brendan, decided to share their "tasty, original Kajun burgers with East Texas.

Twenty-year-old Owner Kameron's love for cooking began while having fun creating culinary marvels in the kitchen with his Mom, Misti. Over the years, he's been working to perfect family recipes including his mother's 'Big Mama' Chocolate Chip Cookies, 'Nana's chicken fried steak, 'GrannyMc's' biscuits, and more.

Although I haven't seen those items on the menu yet, I tell ya, that cheeseburger is to die for. They also offer boudin links, cut beef boudin burgers, sweet potato fries, and even low-carb options.

But also, we have to talk about the french fries. They are some of the VERY best seasoned fries I have ever had.

Tara Holley
Tara Holley

I could go on and on, but...just do yourself a favor and check this place out. And you'll be supporting a locally-owned business, too.

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