I'm worn out with Black Friday emails and ads, and it's still two weeks away. Is the Black Friday madness justified?

To me it seems like the Black Friday sales are a lot about the hype, and we don't actually save that much money once we do the math.

I take that back. I have found a few new-release movies on sale for 5 bucks on Black Friday and I snatched those right up. That probably saved me $30 total.

And I got a DVD player once that was regularly $99 for $38. But then I got Netflix and stopped using the DVD player. It all stresses me out and I should skip it, but I always get dragged in at the last minute because I think it would be a terrible thing if I missed a good deal.

Am I doing it wrong? I sift through the Black Friday ads and each time and I usually find a few things that might make it worth my while to leave the cozy house and fight the cold and the traffic and park a half mile away, but I'm usually disappointed when I get to the store and find a hundred other people targeting the same $2 pillows.

Then I give up on those and decide to browse through the toy section to find something for the girls, and end up getting trapped in a the Frozen-Crayola-Lego-Barbie mosh pit and it takes me an hour to get out of there, and by that time I'm too late for the flat screen line that started forming about the time I forfeited the pillows.

Oh! Be more determined? Maybe that's my problem. I'm terrible at planning, and I suppose I don't care enough about the two-dollar pillows to form a foolproof strategy around them.

Black Friday success seems to come to those who know exactly what they want, they know where to line up at what time, and they came with a team of family members who are coordinating efforts all over the store for different items.

You people rule. I do not.

Black Friday mania stretching all the way overseas, did you see that? They don't even have Thanksgiving in the U.K., but they have Black Friday and it's the "3 biggest Mega Shopping Days" for online shoppers there. The Brits seem like a determined bunch, and I bet they find good Black Friday deals.

Are you into it? Share your tips!

Happy Friday the 13th by the way. Looking for tablets and jeans this weekend? Maybe this will be the "shopping Friday" with some good luck.