A little after 11a today, Mandee Montana and I learned about a secret item that was available on the Arby's menu called the Meat Mountain! Apparently it's a new item on the menu, but not advertised on the menu board, but through social media only. The manager of the Arby's on S. Broadway in Tyler was well aware of the Meat Mountain and had prepared several of them already plus adding a little local flavor to it and creating Tyler's unique version of this meal.

If you're not aware of the Meat Mountain, what's in it will surprise you probably as much as it did Mandee and myself. This sandwich has every single meat product that is available in Arby's on it!

Watch Mandee and I attempt to tackle the Meat Mountain from Arby's!

Here's a graphical representation of what's included in The Meat Mountain:

Arby's Meat Mountain

The Tyler Arby's puts a little twist on it by adding lettuce, tomato and peppercorn ranch and places it all on wheat bread instead of they typical star bun.

Now you're in the know and you too can become a member of this special secretive club by attempting to eat your very own Meat Mountain from Arby's!

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