As if the debate on phones wasn't heated enough...

Has anyone ever told you that your mobile phone could cause cancer? I've heard this a time or two and of course, the Kardashians mentioned it on their reality show so you can take it to the bank. The idea is that your phone emits a radio frequency, so it can do it's job, and being in close contact with it for an extended period of time could pose a cancer risk.

Did I mention I'm not a scientist or a doctor or even really an intelligent person?

That being said, there are scientists who are warning consumers about the dangers of wireless earbuds, like Apple's Airpods, for the same reason. 250 experts have signed a petition for the United Nations and World Health Organization with "serious concern" about the risks associated with wireless headphones. It's all about the electromagnetic frequency radio waves that are emitted when these devices are in use. This is how they communicate with other devices.

Like Wonkavision... (again, I'm not an expert).

While these devices do comply with the legal limits that have been put in place, these particular experts believe these limits are too lenient. Not to mention, there are other experts who believe there is no cancer risk associated with wireless devices. With technology changing every single day, it may take awhile for the research to catch up and give us a definitive answer.

In the meantime, forego the earbuds an just crank your speakers up for the whole world to hear... risk free!

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