You Know The Old Saying "Its Hard To Find Good Help These Days"? Well, depending on your perspective, that statement is so very true today!

As we've seen with "The Great Resignation" since the pandemic, just about everybody is hiring but it seems like nobody wants to work. While some will argue that people are lazy, the FACT is with "inflation" and "corporate price gouging" going on (major corporations are recording massive profits while workers salaries remain stagnant) people just aren't settling for "any" job anymore.

I call it "greed" because if companies are pulling in record profits but not passing it down to the working class to pay workers a decent salary adjusted for "inflation" then you can expect folks to find something else to do. People are working 2 or 3 jobs and are still having trouble making ends meet. So as expected, business have to adjust to keep things rolling. Maybe, just maybe these companies are keeping all the money to themselves in an effort to "automate" everything.

A Video Is Making The Rounds On Facebook Of One East Texas Restaurant Adapting To The Lack Of Applicants.


When you stop by The Jalapeno Tree in Tyler, one of the first things you'll notice is "Now Hiring" signs. Just like a lot businesses, they are finding it hard to find candidates so they resorted to something that strikes fear in the heart of workers: Robots. Several videos have been posted to the infamous "Tyler Rants & Raves" page about the new "robot" server that greets customers and shows them to their table.

In A Growing Trend Across The Country And Around The World, Robot Servers Are Filling In The Labor Shortage.

While some people seem to welcome our little robot friends, others are freaking out about it. According to comments, the robot is an added "attraction" that could pull in more customers due to curiosity while others have reported that the robots actually lead them to tables where folks were already seated which means it clearly needs some work.


This is the part of the article where I share MY OPINION: In order to keep your business thriving you have to ADAPT or die. While this form of "adaptation" may seem scary, I understand that it may be necessary until companies decide to either pass their profits down to the workers and pay a respectable wage. But clearly a LOT of them don't want to do that, so prepare for more of this in the future folks.


This is no different than "self-checkout" lanes, while consumers were initially turned off by the idea, YOU now have been using them more and more (Be honest).

Tyler Residents Sound Off In The Comments About Robot Servers

Let's go the COMMENTS!

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