While I am not a career criminal it seems like common sense should tell us that being in a church parking lot at 2:00 am for no reason isn't exactly a great idea. Unfortunately, Ryan David Woods a 32-year-old from Athens, TX never got that information because he was arrested early Tuesday morning. He wasn't arrested for being in the church parking lot it was the safes that the suspect had in the back seat that had drugs in them that got him in trouble.

This truly sounds like something off one of those dumbest criminal shows with so many things going on with this arrest. The incident started like so many others as a Henderson County Sheriff's Office deputy saw the vehicle occupied by two people at 2 am in a church parking lot which is already suspicious. As the officer approached he could smell marijuana and asked both occupants for their identification.

The Two Occupants Admitted to Smoking Marijuana

Obviously, one of the occupants of the vehicle was Woods, the other was his wife. Both admitted to smoking marijuana earlier which is why the officer could probably still smell it. After searching the vehicle the deputy discovered multiple safes that were located in the back seat of the vehicle.

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The Items Within the Safes Got the Suspect in Serious Trouble

After opening the safes, law enforcement officers found meth ready for distribution, scales, syringes, and other paraphernalia. As you would expect the suspect was charged with possession of a controlled substance between four and 200 grams with intent to deliver. He was booked into Henderson County Jail.

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