More than half of Americans think aliens exist. Do you?

Is it because of all the good alien movies? It's a more alien-friendly time than it used to be.

My mom is fascinated with aliens and always has been. She loves the thought that life on other planets or in other galaxies might exist and that they might be watching us.

When I was growing up, she taught me to pick up my socks, put away my toys, be nice to my sister, and always keep one eye out the window for flashing lights on spaceships in case aliens decided to land on the farm land next to our house in rural Nebraska.

She watches all the alien movies on TV, and I think secretly hopes she can meet one someday. She wouldn't stand in line to meet a rock star, but she would probably camp out for three days to meet an alien.

new poll says 56 percent of Germans, 54 percent of Americans and 52 per cent of people from the UK are convinced that aliens exist.

Some even want to send a digital message into space with the hope it would reach an alien and he or she might respond. Guys are more interested in communicating with aliens than women are, according to the survey.

There are many reports of UFO sightings around Texas, and in fact there was one last week in Austin.

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