All of us in East Texas love Pizza King. Any time I'm in Longview I make it a point to grab lunch there. They've been serving us delicious pizza since the '60s, and by now you probably heard that they've got a second location that is taking over the former Baskin-Robbins on 4th Street.

Well, the new spot is inching closer to opening its doors.

Yesterday we got an update via Facebook. The new sign for their new to-go location on 4th Street is up, and man, am I getting hungry.

While they stopped short of announcing when they will be opening their doors, they did say they'll keep us updated. And according to the Facebook page they will be taking applications soon. From the Pizza King Facebook page:

 Hello Pizza King Friends,
We are extremely excited about our new build going on right now for the all-new ‼️Pizza King To-Go‼️on 4th Street!!!
Our new sign was installed today, and coincidentally, today marks two years since we took over ownership from the great, Inman family. It’s been a fun two years keeping the Pizza King tradition alive and well.
We really look forward to the newest location that’s being built now, opening up. It is in the former Baskin-Robbins location, and will be for your pizza To-Go order needs.
We will be taking job-applications soon, and will update Y’all on the Opening date. Construction is well underway
We want to THANK ALL OF YOU for keeping Pizza King at the forefront since 1965
We hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
We appreciate your business


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