Benjamin Franklin demonstrated lightning as electricity 266 years ago today.

According to the video above scientists had been playing with the idea of electricity since ancient times, but it took Franklin to harness the power.

He had the imagination to think outside of box, and did his own experiments to understand the force. His findings led other great scientists to further the exploration.

So, what about the story with the kite? Franklin thought that lightning might be a form of electricity.

On June 5, 1752, he flew a kite with a key attached during a thunderstorm. As the clouds were approaching, legend has it that he saw loose threads on the kite, standing on end. When he saw this, he touched his knuckle to the key and felt an electric shock. Thus proving that the kite was conducting electricity.

He later went on to invent the lightning rod based on a prior experiment. In addition to his discoveries about electricity he had many other accomplishments cementing his place in American history.



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