A three- or four-minute clip might not seem like enough time to make a starkly political statement or buttress a big ol’ pop comeback, but the best music videos of 2019 have proved that music’s biggest stars remain up for the challenge.

Since January, and to accompany huge Billboard hits, artists like the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry and Stray Kids have pulled out all the stops to deliver music videos that have left us totally entranced. Between the many colors of Kacey Musgraves’ “Rainbow” and the sparkling, ‘80s-tinged supplement to Lizzo’s earworm “Juice,” pop hasn’t relied on gimmicks or tropes to keep fans hooked. Superstars can still make real art, and in the case of the The Killers’ “Land of the Free,” make powerful tools of protest, too.

Below, PopCrush has collected our favorite music videos of 2019. Check 'em all out and tell us which YouTube video has left you tapping the replay button.

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