It’s almost summer vacation season, and if you’re headed out by plane you’ll want a comfy seat, especially if it’s a long flight.  No one wants to have to park it in a loud, bumpy seat on a flight all the way from Dallas to Hawaii. You may have a great time surfing and sunning yourself once your get to your destination, but it could be tainted by crying babies, a lack of leg room, and noise along the way.

So, what’s the absolute best seat on an airplane? And what’s the worst?

According to flight-comparison website Skyscanner, the very best seat on a flight is 6A.

The site asked a thousand people for favorite section of the plane and the preference for the window or aisle seat. It then combined responses to come up with the very best seat on a flight: 6A, a window seat up front.

Window seats are preferred by 60 percent of travelers, and 40 percent want the aisle seat. In other words, 60 percent of us like to daydream out the window and see the sights (or sleep with our noses to the wall), while the other 40 percent want to make a mad dash for the exits once the plane finishes taxiing.

Oh, and the worst seat on a plane? That would be 31E, a middle seat near the back of the plane. It’s noisy back there.

The bad news is, many airlines charge extra for a designated seat, so most times we skip that and just take what they give us. Right there next to the crying baby.

A TripAdvisor survey released last week found 40 percent of people would pay extra to sit in a designated “quiet” section of the plane. How much extra? We don’t want to say. The airlines might get ideas for more fees.

Happy traveling! Especially if you’re in 6A.