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Just hearing those words said on the morning show makes all the cast members laugh, but one and that's Big Al Mack! He's wondered why this promotion was named after him and given the name "Big Al Has Gas", but he's never received a proper answer!

Of course, it's all fun and games until you have to pull up to the gas pump to fill up your car or truck. With gas prices the way they are currently, it takes a full weeks' paycheck to fill up it seems these days. That's where Big Al comes in to play with his gas.

The next time you're standing there by your vehicle filling up your tank, when you're done and replace the nozzle and do the following and Big Al Mack could be refunding the money it took for you to fill up that tank!

  • Get a selfie of you and the total on that gas pump display.
  • Post it to your Instagram account and use the following:

Then Big Al will go through the social feeds and Venmo random posts the money it took to fill up that tank. Make sure you set your Instagram to public so that Big Al can discover your selfie and to find out how much it took to fill up your tank.

To embarrass Big Al Mack a little more, go ahead and post those selfies of you and the gas pump on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, SnapChat, basically any social media and using #BigAlHas Gas @kiddnation.

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