Most of us in East Texas are huge fans of Blue Bell ice cream. Can you blame us? Their staple flavors like Homemade Vanilla, Cookie Two Step and others can always satisfy that sweet tooth. For 2023, Blue Bell has already given us two returning flavors in Banana Pudding and Tin Roof. The Brenham, Texas ice cream makers have decided that a new flavor needs to grace our freezers, I Love Cereal.

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Blue Bell Flavors on Point

Blue Bell has been on point the last few months with their flavors. We got to see the return of four favorite flavors around Christmas time. We then got a returning favorite to start 2023 in Tin Roof. Blue Bell then dropped the announcement of Banana Pudding making a long awaited return to our freezer.

Blue Bell's New Flavor

For us of a certain age, we would get up on a Saturday at six in the morning, pour a bowl of cereal then turn on some cartoons. We'd laugh and be entertained at everything from Bugs Bunny to Sonic the Hedgehog to X-Men. I have a feeling this new Blue Bell flavor will take us back to those days.

I Love Cereal is a delicious ice cream with the flavor of fruity cereal, combined with confetti sprinkles and coated fruity cereal pieces.

Where to Pick It Up

It is available right now for you to pick up on your way home from work or this weekend to enjoy during movie night with the family. No half gallon option for this limited time flavor but is available in pint size.

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