People in Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas--and ALL over our area always perk up their pretty little ears when they hear we have a new Blue Bell Ice Cream flavor to look forward to...

Yesterday they posted a little tease on their Facebook page and all over that had many East Texas people not only excited but compelled, to reveal what they thought the flavor might be based on that blurry photo they shared so we couldn't read the label before they were ready to drop the dairy-licious bomb on us all.

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And now we know what the new Blue Bell flavor is and now that we know, we can all happily go and pick up the new flavor in at least some of our East Texas grocery stores.

OK, if you're a sincere chocolate lover and/or you are OBSESSED with anything involving peanut butter, prepare yourself to lose your MIND with excitement at this new flavor:


Yep. Ready to leave work early and head to the grocery store? Wait for me, I'm coming, too.

Blue Bell describes the new flavor in a way that can only be described as tantalizing. Absurdly tempting. Almost inappropriate it sounds so good.

"One spoonful of our new ice cream and your taste buds will be overloaded with delicious flavors of chocolate and peanut butter! Chocolate Peanut Butter Overload is a combination of our smooth Milk Chocolate Ice Cream loaded with chocolate-coated peanut butter cups and peanut butter cookie dough pieces. In stores beginning today! Available in the half-gallon and pint sizes for a limited time."

And then they have to throw in that whole "limited time" bunk. LOL... Come on Blue Bell, you know this one is here to stay...right?

What Blue Bell ice cream flavor do you wish they'd bring back?

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