It is always exciting news when Blue Bell announces either a brand new flavor or the return of a fan favorite flavor. Most of the time, a new flavor will be available for just a limited amount of time. A lot of that has to do with an ingredient only being available for that season. But sometimes, those limited time flavors are something that could be enjoyed any time of the year and either become a permanent flavor or return more often than others. But where does Blue Bell come up with the ideas for these limited time flavors? The simple answer is anyone in Athens, Texas can submit an idea. Let's look at the process of Blue Bell creating a new limited time flavor.

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Limited Time Flavors

Blue Bell's newest limited time flavor is the "I Love Cereal" ice cream. This flavor combines a fruity cereal flavor with sprinkles and fruity cereal flakes to make a very delicious frozen combination. It has quickly become a favorite of many. Blue Bell also released Oatmeal Cream Pie ice cream last year which combines oatmeal flavored ice cream with brown sugar and vanilla icing with chunks of oatmeal cream pie. This flavor became so popular they released again for this year.

You Play a Big Role in New Flavors

Blue Bell likes to get ideas for new flavors from you. Yes, you. You can email or call Blue Bell with your idea. I'm sure you could also slip into their DM's on their various social media channels with an idea as well. The process from there is a little more complex than what you might think.

We get a majority of our ideas thankfully from consumers. They send us emails and phone calls daily telling us what they think the next Blue Bell creation should be. So, we compile all of those consumer requests, family recipes, desserts we might have seen and then our internal research and development team are the catalyst for creating those flavors. - Blue Bell Public Relations Manager Lauren Lewis

Flavor Creation Process

It can take anywhere from two to three years for a flavor to get from idea to your grocer's freezer (KETK). They have to find suppliers for the flavor. That means an ingredient may only be available during a certain time of the year. Sales and marketing have to get involved as far as carton designs go and how to advertise the new product. It then falls into the hands of their production plants to make the new flavor.

That doesn't mean that all flavors make it to our bowls, spoons or cones. Some flavors just can't be made or just don't reach a flavor good enough to make. That doesn't mean that if a flavor doesn't work out, it will never be released. Some recipes can wait five, six or even ten years before finding their way into a freezer.

Don't Expect to Get Paid for Your Idea, Though

Here's the thing to understand, if you do submit a flavor idea to Blue Bell and it is made and sold, DO NOT expect any kind of compensation. It is even stated as such at But, if you would like, you can go to the Contact Us section at and submit a recipe idea by email, calling them or mailing in an idea.

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