Good morrow, m'ladies, and gents.

Are you feeling a bit restless these days? Are you bored and looking for something fun, unique, and out of the ordinary to do this coming weekend? If so, I heard there is a renaissance festival happening not too far away from East Texas! The Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie isn't too far of a drive, it's just under two hours.

If you have never been to a renaissance festival before, then you are missing out on a bucket list item, in my not-so-humble-opinion. It's like walking through an episode of The Witcher! I was very fortunate to go to one with my dad and uncle in Tennessee when I was a teenager. Renaissance festivals are typically held way out in the sticks so that the event is surrounded by lush countryside trees, reminiscent of a backwoods forest in the U.K.

Once we found a place to park and walked up to the gate, we will began seeing people dressed in strange clothes that look like they jumped out of a "Medievals R Us" catalog. There was jousting, jesters, and plenty of vendors selling cool medieval swag. I gazed in awe at the gigantic turkey legs, custom-made corsets, renaissance pants, and mule shoes.

Kirtles, puffy sleeves and musty scents are the fashion of the day at any renaissance festival, and they were certainly in abundance that day! Even the kids were dressed up in the latest 16th Century delights.


The language you will hear will sound vaguely English, yet extremely foreign if you are not familiar with the sayings of ancient times. Morrow means morning, thee stands for you and not for Megan THEE Stallion. People will bid you a twangy "farewell" instead of a twangy "See y'all later!"

It sounds like the Scarborough Renaissance Festival will be a blast, as Fox4News reports. If you can't make it this weekend, maybe you could go on another weekend up through Memorial Day. They are planning a special event, the Royal Faire Beer Tasting. There are a few other Renaissance Festivals you might want to check out, too, like the big one, the Texas Renaissance Festival in October. I wish I could ride with you, and I'd even ride "Shotgun!"

Fare thee well!

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