Bruno Mars served at both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live last weekend and unfortunately I missed the most watched and apparently one of the funniest episodes within the last seven months.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, this was the highest rated show since Lindsay Lohan hosted SNL back in March.

Although Bruno Mars is due a lot of credit for the number of viewers, many people tuned in to the skit show to see how they would react to the second round of presidential debate.

You can see pretty much all the skits that Bruno starred in on YouTube while appearing on the show, except for one and it's being called his best skit.  The skit involves Bruno's character, Devon, as an intern at Pandora, he has to perform songs for its online streaming channel because the power has gone out to the server.  Bruno ends up sing songs from Green Day, Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber and a few more.

So it it's the best skit, why can't you see it online?  A good question, because NBC apparently doesn't have the rights to the songs used in the skit from Aerosmith, Katy Perry and others and can't upload the video until they have those rights.  But if you snoop around long enough you can find an edited version of the very funny clip.