We all love free food in Texas right?

After all, there's nothing better than getting food for no cost to you. Getting to chow down on something and not having to pay? Sign everybody in the state of Texas up!

But opportunities are always few and far between it seems like. Which makes sense after all, not all food can be free to everyone. But when the chance comes, a lot of people are going to take advantage of it.

One restaurant in Texas is set to offer the state a chance at free food, but, there's only one way to claim it.

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Shake Shack's Free Food Offer And How To Claim It

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

According to MySanAntonio, Shake Shack is prepared to reward Texans in the state for one big awards ceremony they might not watch. What is this event you ask?

None other than the Oscars! The big awards night will take place on March 10th, 2024. But what is the part of the show that will give residents the free food fix?

Well, it's none other than the timing of the event.

Free Food Choice Depends On How Long The Event Goes

MySanAntonio reports the following: If the Oscars goes over 3 hours and 31 minutes, the eatery will offer a free Chicken Shack sandwich. If it's under the previously mentioned time limit, patrons can get a free Smoke Shack burger.

So either way, every one wins. The best part? The offer will go for an entire week!

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