As the 2015 Miracle Child, Carter Dingler has the honor of being the youngest child ever born at Christus Mother Frances Hospital.

Thanks to talented doctors and nurses on staff in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), young Carter Dingler is able to play with his tractors and ride the big tractor that is driven by his dad Chad.

Known as the little cowboy, Carter has the distinction of being the youngest ever born into the NICU at 29 weeks gestation. His mom Amanda went in for a routine prenatal exam where it was discovered that she had extremely high blood pressure and her kidneys were failing. Carter was delivered by emergency Caesarean section at just 29 weeks. Babies born at this time are just starting to look like term babies. They can blink but bright lights and loud noises are very uncomfortable for them. Babies born at this time also have a difficult time feeding regularly so training and therapy are needed to help them lean to suckle and their digestive system is still developing too.

Robin Rowan, CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital

Weighing in at only 2 pounds 8 ounces, Carter developed a chronic lung disease and Retinopathy of Prematurity of his eyes while in the NICU. After spending 93 days in the NICU, Carter was able to go home with medication and breathing equipment to help monitor his lungs. Carther has returned to the hospital a few times for breathing related illnesses and has bounced back every time. As far as his eyes, after being diagnosed with retinopathy, his vision corrected itself!

Carter gets to enjoy life with his pet cow Minnie thanks to your support of the Children's Miracle Network!  You can continue to make miracles happen here in East Texas by supporting the Children's Miracle Network.  Make a call to 903.531.5437 and make a one time pledge or become a Mix Miracle Maker and give $20 a month for a year!