Avocados are great on their own, and the best guacamole recipes are the ones that don't screw that up.  Simple is good, and this might be the simplest guac recipe ever.  

Some guacamoles are heavy on chunks of other things like onions and tomatoes, but if you ask picky kids and me, the best ones let the avocado be the real star. And if you've been known to slice an avocado, take out the pit, add a little salt, and dig right into it with a spoon, you'll love this simple little concoction.

Tweak the ingredients with a little more or this and little less of that until you get the exact flavor combination makes your mouth happy.  I usually eat it with tortilla chips or seeded multi-grain crackers, and sometimes quarters of red bell peppers.

Easy Guacamole:

Two avocados



And stir it up. That's it!

If you want it extra spicy, go nuts with the Sriracha. Otherwise just a little will give it just the right amount of kick, and the salt gives it depth.

Avocados are full of fat, but nutritionists always tell us it's healthy fat so we can feel good about chasing this guacamole with a margarita.  I think that's how that works.  Anyway, happy Cinco de Mayo!  This is something simple and yummy to add to your happy hour at home.

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