Time to celebrate one of America's favorite foods with a huge party!

Tomorrow (May 17th) is National Pizza Party Day! Happening on the third Friday of May each year, we celebrate the doughy goodness of the pizza. Today pizza's have evolved and are now topped with a variety of toppings, sauce, cheeses and sweets. From individual to family sized to pizza buffets, it's big business.

Give me a pepperoni and hamburger pizza and I'm good to go. Now if you put some extra crispy bacon on it, well, that's just even better because bacon goes great with everything! When it comes to the dessert type of pizza's I'm a huge fan of the Oreo pizza and I'll take a couple of slices of the apple pizza too!

Celebrate National Pizza Day by ordering up pizzas for the office for lunch, invite some friends over to your place for a pizza party and order in or take out or you could create your own at home. Thought to have originated in Italy, the pizza dates back to ancient Greece, but Italy is credited with the beginning of the modern day pizza.

One of the best things about pizza is that its portable and requires no utensils to eat it, plus, you can eat it cold and its still good!

After National Pizza Party Day, we can look forward to National Pizza Day - which is coming up February 9th!

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