There's not too many people that when offered queso they'd turn it down, especially in my house! Just in time for the holidays Del Taco has introduced an updated version of the college and party game, beer pong, but this version features queso! This is something you could play with your family at Thanksgiving or at a work Christmas party!

Posting a video on their Facebook page, Del Taco has kept the traditional red cups and in place of the amber or dark color of beer, there's thick and creamy white queso! (Or other queso of your choice!) Now at first I thought, there's no way I'm drinking a red cup full of queso - that's just a disgusting thought, but after watching the video, you simply dip a chip and eat it! That's something I can do.

With this though you should know this, you CANNOT be afraid or scared of double dippers because it's going to happen! It looks pretty easy, just toss a chip at a cup! So when your tossing the chip to the cup you're touching it and then it lands on top of the queso! So double dipping shouldn't be a big deal!

As to the point of the game, I'm not sure what it is except to eat a lot of queso!

Del Taco has even come up with their own party pack for your fiesta!

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