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It's the perfect appetizer that could just about be a meal in itself. Open up just about any Tyler, Texas restaurant menu and you will see an option of chips and queso. That big bowl of creamy cheese goodness that is paired perfectly with some lightly salted corn tortilla chips is a perfect way to begin any meal. Sometimes though it can be enough to fill you up and not leave room for your entree or dessert!

Plus, queso is one of the easiest appetizers to prepare and is perfect for any party or sports-watching event. You marry all the ingredients in the crock pot, let it warm up, leave a spoon nearby and let everyone help themself to it whenever they want. However, everyone has a different taste when it comes to their favorite queso. While on social media recently I ran across a question that was posted in a local Tyler Facebook group asking 'Where is your favorite chips and queso in Tyler?' As expected, the answers varied and there were a few that rose to the top.

There Are A Lot Of Queso Options In Tyler

Some Tyler restaurants will serve you up some plain queso in a bowl, while others will dress it up a bit. Some restaurants will add some pico de gallo, guacamole, maybe a special sauce, or one of my favorite ways, some ground beef or chorizo. Queso with ground beef, in my opinion, is the way to go!

With so many suggestions, you might want to create a 'queso crawl' like they do with 'pub crawls' so you can go around Tyler and try all the queso there is in the Rose City! You can begin your crawl with these suggestions by Tyler locals and along the way you'll probably be able to add a few more that you discover.

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