This weekend your Christmas tree is probably well-lit and gorgeous, standing watch over a multitude of neatly-wrapped gifts and providing a warm holiday glow in the living room. This is the best weekend of the year for the tree.

On Wednesday, the tree will be bare of gifts and the kids will be playing their new Wii games while you start thinking about the task of taking down the decorations and tossing the tree.

Extension agents remind us that the trees are living, breathing things (the real ones anyway, not the fake ones), and they can be turned to mulch and help landscaping this spring.

Here's how Tyler plans to recycle Christmas trees.

As in past years, the City of Tyler will offer us the chance to recycle Christmas trees. The trees should be free of decorations, and they should be non-flocked real trees. Keep Tyler Beautiful and the City of Tyler’s Solid Waste Department will have two places to drop off the trees for recycling after Christmas. The first is Fun Forest Park, 2000 Forest Avenue. The other is Golden Road Park, 2300 McDonald Road.

There is still plenty of Christmas left to enjoy before we have to think about taking down the tree. We just wanted to pass along the news now so you'll know the tree will have a purpose long after Christmas has come and gone.

Not only will the mulch be available to help flower beds in the spring, but fishermen will be able to pick up the trees to put them underwater and help fish habitats.