Board games can be pretty fun and intriguing to play, while pretty boring at the same time. My daughter has recently discovered that we have Clue and it seems like we're playing it constantly, which is fun! Mandee Montana recently talked about her obsession with Sim City Build It for iPad and how it's consumed her life lately. Well the same can probably be said for our fondness of Clue!

I remember the first time we played this past weekend. I thought I was going to win by saying Colonel Mustard committed the crime with the revolver in the Conservatory, but I was wrong.

Two out of three weren't bad though, because he did it in the Study! After learning about this, I had to sit out the rest of the game and let my wife end up winning! After learning how to play the game, it's all my daughter really wants to do and I don't mind. We played last night and my pawn, Colonel Mustard, was once again the culprit in the crime. I'm beginning to wonder if this has anything to say about me!