We’ve all been at a Walmart store and heard the overhead loudspeaker come on and different alerts are announced. Most times you don’t have to take action, although it’s good to pay attention to those alerts just in case there is a real emergency inside the store. If you’re ever walking around doing some shopping in a Walmart store in East Texas and you hear a code brown that means there is a real threat to your safety, as that code indicates an active shooter situation. 

That is the last code you ever want to hear while attempting to collect items during your shopping trip, but it shows you how important it is to be paying attention, it could save your life. If you do ever hear a code brown announced over the loudspeaker, you should leave the building as quickly and calmly as possible while you stay very aware of everything around you.  

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What Do the Other Intercom Codes Mean 

The website sbxl.com released a list of all of the codes that are used here in East Texas and all over the country. Here is what all of the codes are and what they mean: 

  • White means an Accident 
  • Blue means a Bomb 
  • Red means Fire 
  • Black means Serious Weather (such as a Tornado) 
  • Green means a Hostage Situation 
  • Orange means a Chemical problem 
  • Adam means a Missing Child 

The Intercom Codes at Walmart Are All About Safety 

These codes were created just to keep customers safe, but they are a good thing to pay attention to while you’re completing your shopping trip.

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