Daylight Savings Time is in full effect as most Americans 'sprang' their clocks ahead an hour on Sunday (March 10th).

Now the good news is we are getting more sunlight by an hour, but there could be more harm to your health due to the time change.

According to Men's Health, one study from BMJ, hospitals recorded a 24 percent spike in heart attacks cases Monday following the one hour adjustment, and a 21 percent reduction in heart attack cases on the Tuesday following the time adjustment in the fall when we gain an hour.

Dr. Amneet Sandhu further explained that heart attacks can happen on Monday morning no matter the time of year according to Reuters.

With daylight saving time, all of this is compounded by one less hour of sleep.  Our study suggests that sudden, even small changes in sleep could have detrimental effects.

The time change is also associated with road traffic accidents, workplace injuries, poor mood and reduced efficiency.

Now if you just about had it with Daylight Savings Time you have two options consider moving to Arizona or Hawaii.


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