The City of Longview is doing what they can to attract businesses to move in on the south side of the city along the I-20 corridor.  A special task force was created to accomplish this new development is apparently working because task force member Brad Tidwell has stated that Cracker Barrel coming to Longview was a "done deal" according to the Longview News Journal.

However, no specific details or contracts have been announced and land hasn't been closed upon but Longview City Planner Michael Shirley said, "they haven't officially announced it, but it's no secret." The company is actively looking for property to place the sit down country store restaurant in Longview and will be anchored most likely off of Eastman Rd. near I-20.

The task force that was created, the I-20 Corridor Task Force, is ironing out recommendations for the City Council along with the plans for future development of additional restaurants along the stretch of I-20.

In addition to pulling in tax dollars from travelers along I-20, residents in the southern part of Longview and Gregg Co. will have a new destination for sit down restaurants instead of just fast food options and they are hoping to bring in more sit down style eating establishments to the area like the recently added Denny's restaurant.

Luring Cracker Barrel to the Longview area has dated back to 2005 when a related article was published by the Longview News Journal and then again in 2007 when the city pesued them. If and when the doors on the restaurant open, it will join established East Texas and Louisiana Cracker Barrel locations in Tyler, Texarkana and Shreveport.

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