The thought of clowns terrorizing schools and businesses is sweeping through social media. After picking my daughter up from school yesterday in Tyler she asked if I heard about the creepy clowns that are supposed to be coming out of the woods to kill people. Apparently that was the big topic of the day at the middle school because she said that's all they were talking about at school. I told her no, I hadn't heard of any creepy clowns and that it's all made up. She was insistent that it was true.

Then I did a little bit of investigation and found out there is a little truth to this on social media. It popped up last week in Waco. City police and school district police are investigating a post from a Facebook page featuring a clown with a message stating there was going to be death at the high school and university campuses. Authorities are looking into this threat and not taking it lightly.

Since the news of this broke, similar reports of "clown" sightings have popped up across Dallas/Ft. Worth, the panhandle, in central and East Texas as well other parts of the nation. Authorities are asking citizens to be more vigilant and be more aware of their surroundings. Halloween is less than a month away and if there is someone out there thinking about playing a prank on someone in a clown (or any other kind of) costume, to think twice about it because these reports and incidents aren't being taken lightly right now.

This past weekend a weird clown sighting was called in to the Longview police department and reported on by CBS 19, then in Houston, a 14 year old student was charged with making a clown terror threat and reported by KLTVKLTV is also reporting that there's been an arrest made in Grand Saline in connection with clown threats made on social media.

This is definitely a different time and rumors and threats spread more quickly thanks to social media. We must all report suspicious activity and let law enforcement do whatever is in their power to do to address these concerns and threats.

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