Pigs get a bad rap. They are awesome animals who can make great pets if you have the right psyche for it. When I was doing a random search on Airbnb under their "Experiences" tab, this particular adventure caught my eye, Cuddle with Kunekune Pigs. Umm, yes. You can book this experience through Airbnb to visit this farm in Burleson.

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I mean, come one, look at this guy.

Rebeka via Airbnb
Rebeka via Airbnb

That dude is cute and I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George. His name is actually Ripley and him is ready for a Thanksgiving gettogether. He is also the "house pig" of Halbert Farm in Burleson. At Halbert Farm, you can get up close and personal with Kunekune pigs. These guys and gals are loveable animals who enjoy some pets and even a belly rub or two.

Your Airbnb adventure will let you meet these guys, both young and old, feed them treats and just have a great time with one of the most underrated animals around. The other great thing about Halbert Farm is they will let you adopt one of their pigs to be a part of your loving home.

Pigs are awesome and I want to do this. You can head over to Airbnb to get all the details into booking this adventure with your significant other and/or your friends.

If a trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area isn't in the cards for you, there is a similar experience in Wills Point called My Pig Filled Life Mini Pig Rescue. Here, you can meet pigs that have been rescued and many that are available for adoption. It's a great East Texas nonprofit organization to help out.

Pigs are awesome, friends, pigs are awesome.

Cuddle with Kunkune Pigs at Halbert Farm in Burleson

This farm has their own Airbnb experience where you can cuddle with adoptable pigs.

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